Vintage Gear we use to work with:

6 Channel Recording with UREI 1178, UREI 1176 and Millennia HV-3D

 RCA 44BX, ALTEC 639B, AKG D25, Neumann KM53 & KM56


Funke W19 Modification with the last 2 types of sockets:


Beautiful Engineering by Neumann: the Z1 Adapter



Studer 962 30-Channel Analog Recording Mixer


 The best you can get: original Neumann U47 Short- & Long Body


My Beauty Gibson CC6


New home for a AKAI M-8 Tube Amp

 with Microphone, Line and Pickup Input

Hohner Orgaphon 60MH - the real Sound of the 60`s

 This 4Ch Amp has a wonderful Tube Vibrato on board!

 Modified a Fender Blues Junior Amp - works perfect!

STUDER A779 Mixer complete Restauration
Refresh a good old EMT140 Mono Tube Plate - what a Sound!!!
Finally i`ve got my own Funke W19
Neumann U47 long body - what a great Microphone!

Neumann U47 P with Z1 and Z2 Adapter that supports old M7, M8 and M9 capsules


Neumann U47 P with M48a capsule on Z1 "Torpedohead" and Z2 Adapter


Neumann U47 with Z2 Adapter and M7 capsule


Neumann Info about U47 P and CMV Microphone Adapters


ACE TONE (later Roland) Rhythm Ace, brought to new life - that was fun!


Neumann U67 SLO Edition (1990)


 Two EMT 140 Solid State Stereo Plates in perfect condition:


Nightpro PREQ3 - 4 Channel Mik/Line Preap with lot of Air
... repaired and finally modified for bigger sidescrews:


I love this kind of Engineering!


Heathkit IT-17 Tube Checker


Because it`s the perfect vocal Microphone - the original Neumann U67

So many Singers and Engineers love to work with!

Telefunken NOS Tubes EF 804s 806s - lot of NOS Tubes on stock

The very first Console in Switzerland was a original Marchoni

Welcome to the family: Neumann TLM-67 with case

 Repair of a RCA 77DX Ribbon Mic

One of the best i held in my hands: Schoeps VSR5

Replace 4 fans and cleanup for a very good Amp : Quested AP-800

the SINGULAR Pre2 - Solid State Stereo Microphone Preamp Project:

Lexicon 480L - the famous digital effect system

The famous Studer C37 Tube Tape Recorder (sold)

a beautiful HILLER Microphone Cell (Germany) with 8 Character

GRACE m802 - analog / digital preamp:

I clean up my cellar and sold good old STUDER stuff (all gone)

STUDER Professional Audio Equipment : A721, A727, A730, D731, D741, etc.


Build and designed my own Singular Tube Microphone :


Finally found the way to my table and passed some audio checks - the UA 1176AE

Original Neumann U67 Flyer 1972

The Juice Box - Problem with the Powersupply

Two NTP 179-160 Limiters in Danner Cassettes brought to new live:

Not often seen : a Neumann U89 that had a defective solder point.

... repaired in 5 minutes ;-)


At least repaired - Focuswrite ff ISA 430

In combination with two UREI 1176 LN we glide into the amazing sphere of sound

I prefer Neumann U87 Microphones to record with my SINGULAR One.

Engraved front and back plates for everlasting quality.
Two Channel "reduced to the max" Front - hear what you do !

"The Voice" :

My U67 stored in a original Neumann case that match perfect ;-)

We like AMPEX, ntp, Lexicon, TC, Studer, Telefunken, Siemens, etc.

This MU-TRON BI-PHASE Phaser works again and sounds still absolutely great!


Last but not least Transistors also have benefits, so i build the SINGULAR "Two"
A stereo Mic Pre-Amp with fine Lundahl Transformers

Eurocard Format, 70dB Gain in 3dB steps, -20dB PAD, Phantompower and Polarity-Switch.

What a beauty !!!   a  PYE 4 Channel Preamp

Have fun and live your passion !


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